Chinese Old Antique Solid Wood Saddle Stool

These sturdy wooden stools make a great addition to any rustic or shabby-chic interior. These swivel stools are reminiscent of Chinese students who used them in their classrooms. Chinese stools are not traditionally assembled with nails but are entirely made of wooden parts.

These wooden stools made of Chinese wood are more than 50 years old (approx from the 1970s. These stools are suitable for any interior design. These stools are great for decorative or seating purposes and can be used as side tables next to a sofa or bed. Each stool is made from elmwood, and each one has its imperfections. The beautiful texture of weathered wood gives it a rustic appearance. Each stool is unique.

Chinese Antique Wood Saddle Stool

Each of our interior design objects has had an exciting journey through human history and culture. The marks of time, weather, and use have marked our old wooden benches and stools. We sell more than just home decor; we share their stories.

We have carefully chosen stools that are approximately 100 years old. All of the stools and benches made from old wood are unique. Each piece will be unique. We sell almost every stool made from Chinese elmwood. This wood is very durable and robust. This guarantees a durable product that lasts for many years. We have plenty of stock of different types and styles.

An antique stool from China, a traditional stool made in northern China. Each stool is unique, and we have no other pieces like it.

This type of antique stool is available in a large selection. Although they look the same, each piece is different! These photos are for your information and understanding of the stool.

Chinese Antique Wood Saddle Stool Specifications

Solid elm wood, refurbished.
100% Handmade.
100% Weathered natural wood
Age: at least 50 years
Approximate Size : 24(H) x 15(W) x 34(L) cm

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It was used to be carried to the work place to take a break in the countryside of China. It is now a small table that you can place next to your sofa or footrest.

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