Handwoven Traditional Picnic Basket

Imagine a picnic basket. Close your eyes. You will likely see a picnic basket made from wicker, with a handle at the top and a red-and-white checked lining. Although this may have been the most common picnic basket style 50 years ago, there are many other designs, materials, and sizes. We understand that choosing the right picnic basket can seem overwhelming. This is why we created this comprehensive guide to help you make the best choice.

Although picnics are still romanticized, the way we carry food to picnics has changed significantly over the years. For example, baskets are no longer made of wicker. Instead, they can be made of various fabrics, plastics, and wood and come in all sizes.

Handwoven Traditional Picnic Basket

The Handwoven Traditional Picnic Basket is simple in design. It dates back to the earliest times. The handle makes it easy to transport and is usually made of wicker or another woven fiber. You will find some with no lining. The traditional basket is not like modern baskets. It does not include insulation or additional compartments.

  • Handwoven Traditional Picnic Basket is made from high-quality natural rattan or linen cloth material. Eco-friendly, safe, and durable for long service life.
  • Comfortable to grip, high carrying handle.
  • The removable cotton lining is a thickened linen cotton cloth, which is soft and easy to clean.
  • Double-lidded containers make it easier to put in and take out food, fruits, or other items.
  • A beautiful woven willow frame is paired with linen cotton to create a sophisticated look in your room. It also makes an excellent wicker decoration.

This versatile wicker picnic bag is perfect for camping, hiking, camping, and family events. It has a large storage capacity to store various food, wine and allows you to have a happy picnic.

Handwoven Traditional Picnic Basket Specifications

Item Name: Picnic Basket
Features: Vintage, Handle Design, with Lid,
Large Capacity size: 35cm x 24cm x 17cm
Material: Wicker + cloth
Colour: Wood color
Package Contents: 1 x Basket Only the above package content, other products are not included.

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