‎Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike Kids

‎Mongoose BMX Bike is among the most well-known Legion kids bikes available in the market. It comes with more than a handful of unique features for an affordable price. This 20 Inch Wheels Bike with a steel frame is elegant and is the ideal for little kids.

A few boys are always searching for adventure on the trails, in the dirt, or on the hillsides. They love bikes that are a bit sexy and the thought of pushing their limits every ride. The BMX freestyle bike with 20-inch wheels is ideal for children between seven and nine years old who are possessed of this attitude and are looking to explore off-road trails and riding techniques.

The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids is an excellent option for parents to think about. It is made for children between 7-and 9 years of age and is available in bright colors like orange, red and green. It features a BMX style with an elongated seat, making it challenging and safe. Dual brakes provide more stopping power for the rear wheel, while the attractive alloy-mag wheels stand out. Mongoose has designed a strong bike for youngsters interested in BMX biking.

Mongoose Legion Bike ensures that you’ll never have to stop during your kids ride, and your kid take the endless adventure at any time, with complete convenience.

The question now is, out of the thousands of Mongoose Legion bikes available in the markets, which is most beneficial for your kid? To solve this dilemma, we’re providing our readers with a Mongoose Legion Bike for kids that is the ideal option for your child in your search to find Mongoose Legion bike. This is the “The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids.”

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We will talk about this incredible Mongoose BMX Bike for Kids top features to ensure you are aware of them before buying it.

Mongoose BMX Bike for Kids is one of the most durable designs on the market since it comes with 16 Inch Wheels Bike, 18 Inch Wheels Bike, 20 Inch Wheels Bike.

In addition, the Mongoose Legion bikes provide grip in all conditions. Your kid will ride with confidence with the The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids. Check out the other Mongoose Legion Bikes from Amazon!

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Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for Kids

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Key Features

  • Wheel Size: 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches
  • Frame Material: Hi-Tensile Steel
  • Bike Type: BMX Bike
  • Color: Green, Neon Green, orange, Silver, Red, White, Pink
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Number Of Speeds: Single Speed
  • Brake Type: Steel linear
  • Recommended Age: 8-12 Years
  • Special Feature: Freestyle, BMX

The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids Review

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Its Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk Mag BMX Bike for Kids comes with 20-inches wheel diameter and is an excellent option for kids looking for a BMX type bike. Let’s take a look at some of its significant features.

  • Made of Hi-Ten steel, which guarantees durability.
  • With a reliable and effective U-brake to the back wheel and a brake called a caliper. Dual brakes provide an extra layer of safety and permit precise stopping.
  • The bike is durable and suitable for children 8 to 12 years old.
  • A comfortable handlebars that give ease of control while riding.
  • Includes an easy-aligning head tube, as well as easy screw-on pedals.
  • The bike features a 40x16T gearing system and a durable single-piece of steel with a 170-millimeter crank that will provide a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Potential for a decent trick thanks to the addition of four pegs for freestyle.
  • The bike comes with a cable detangler to allow 360deg handlebars that spin.
  • Available in seven vibrant bright colors appropriate for both boys and girls.
  • Great 20-inch freestyle aluminum mag wheels that come with bearings sealed.
  • The silver shimmer on the wheels enhances the look.
  • Comfortable, cushioned seat with adequate size for comfortable seating.
  • One piece of forged steel 170mm crank.
  • 20-inch tires that have a 2.3-inch diameter provide an excellent road grip.
  • Lifetime warranty with limited lifetime, for general and part.

Thanks to its safety features and long-lasting durability, bikers who want to make their riding experience to be more thrilling in any season will be able to pick the Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike without a doubt.

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Pros & Cons of Mongoose Legion BMX Bike


  • Seven Attractive Colors
  • 40T Steel Chain ring
  • Suitable BMX Type Bike for Beginner-Level Riders
  • Sturdy & Solid
  • Alloy Mag Wheels with Sealed Bearings
  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame & Fork
  • Single-speed with 365mm Chain Stay Length
  • 170 mm One-Piece Forged Steel Crank
  • Four Freestyle Pegs included
  • Padded Comfortable Seats
  • Brake Cable Detangler for 360-degree Handlebar Spins
  • Aluminum U Hand Brake
  • Aluminum Magnesium Rims
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Good value for money
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 250 pounds


  • Less Comfortable Seat
  • Less Upright Riding Position
  • Some Concerns About Complaints Regarding Bent Front Forks
  • Confusing Instructions and Difficult Assembly

What information regarding Mongoose Legion bike should parents be aware of?

Safety, durability, and convenience are among the top factors to consider when buying a child’s bicycle. Since the beginning, Mongoose has been a reliable manufacturer of various adult and child bicycles. Parents can rest assured that their commitment to safety has influenced the style of this Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk Mag BMX Bike for kids.

Hi-Ten Steel Frame

Its Hi-Tensile steel frame on the Legion Mag creates an ultra-light bike that rides smoothly down the streets and easily handles and maintains balance. The steel frame makes a highly sturdy bike, and the extra stability can be beneficial if your child is looking to master the basics of bike riding.

Mag Wheels

If you’re searching for Mag wheels and a BMX bike, this Legion Mag Bike for Kids is the ideal choice. With mag wheels made of cast aluminum and sealed bearings, this is one of the most fashionable bikes available. Kids enjoy riding it around and performing freestyle tricks while flaunting the silver sparkle that flashes on their wheels, which are fitted with 20-inch tires.

Frame and Fork

The bike has a low-stance design and geometry that gives a stable and smooth ride with the BMX feel. Children are closer to the ground on the bike and will naturally feel more at ease. It also comes with four freestyle pegs, which offer endless trick opportunities.

Reliable Brakes

Is Mongoose Legion Mag BMX is equipped with rear u-brakes made from durable alloy to provide a safe stopping function that doesn’t degrade. The bike also features alloy caliper brakes that increase your child’s stopping ability. It’s a safe choice due to this double brakes system, especially for growing kids who want an easy transition from a toddler’s bike to a teenager’s bike.

Chain and Drivetrain rings

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX bike comes with 40x16T gearing. It features a sturdy single-piece 170-millimeter crank constructed of forged steel to give a simple single-speed, comfortable riding. As it’s a BMX-type bike, your child will experience a persistent connection to the road below him by using the pedals.


The bike is an accessible and easy-to-learn one-speed bike. A single-speed bike allows your child to focus on mastering the art of riding without the need for unnecessary complexity or confusion caused by shifting gears.

Handlebars and Stem

The 7.75 handlebars are constructed of high-tensile steel. The four-bolt front load stem is composed of rigid alloy clamps bars securely and securely. It features a threaded 1-inch headset, too. It is also equipped with a detangler cable that allows for 360-degree spins of the handlebar.

Dimensions and Specifications

The bike is very compact and manageable weight. It weighs around 32 pounds. It is suitable for those in the range of four feet eight inches” tall and 5’4″. The horizontal tube measures 519 millimeters long, and the chainstay length is 365 millimeters. The bike rides on 20-inch wheels with an overhang of 565 millimeters.

Shipping and Assembly

The bicycle weighs a total shipping weight of about 39.5 pounds. It is not assembled with a person of a certain age to finish the assembly. Mongoose assures that the bike is easy to make. However, a few customers have found the process of assembly complicated and tiring. Many customers have complained that the assembly guide included in the box is unclear because it’s very general and encompasses three or more models. Some users complained that the bicycle did not have components like nuts and screws, which hindered the assembly process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Mongoose has employed a resistant to rust Hi-Ten steel frame to make this bike, and the result is easy to clean and maintain kids’ bicycles. Your child won’t need to exert any effort to keep this bike in good shape, and regular washing using a gentle soap, warm water, and mild detergent will keep it looking brand new.

Customer Reviews

Parents have primarily favorable reviews regarding this bike’s safety, quality, and value. There are some unhappy customers, with some parents complaining about issues such as the front wheel’s bending and the front fork (probably caused by shipping) and pedals that are closer to their seat, a grinding sound from the central hub as well as a brake for the hand that is better designed for smaller hands. These reviews are usually not the norm, and most parents are very pleased with the purchase.

Why we love Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike?

Mongoose Legion BMX Bike for Kids is affordable and easy to assemble. Mongoose Legion BMX Bike features a frame with high-Tensile steel. We love to buy this Mongoose BMX Bike due to durable bike, high quality brakes, strong frame, sturdy bike, smooth rides, huge tyres, cool look, good replacement of money. Thank you Mongoose!

Final Verdict

Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike is simple to hang and looks attractive thanks to big 20-inch wheels mounted on cast-aluminum wheels that feature sealed bearings.

The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike can be listed at the top of all the same types in freestyle bikes. It is a great choice and safe for those who are just beginning, it is offered in different sizes. This is the main advantage that this model has. It does, however, have the standard measurements, and riders of different sizes can use it.

The best part is that Mongoose BMX Bike is a high-end model at an affordable cost with lasting endurance. From the tires to brakes to the frame and paddling, each element is high-quality and will be your reliable partner in any riding condition. After all of the research and observations, we can be sure that Mongoose BMX Bike will not let your kid down and give your kid a thrill that has never been previously experienced.

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Did you explore Mongoose BMX Bike for kids on the way? Which one your kid is riding, and how it is similar to one of these?

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  • Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids Review
  • Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids Specification
  • Why we love Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids?

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