Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle (2022 Review) examines the features and pros and cons to understand better what makes this model the ideal choice for you.

Do you think it’s time to step outside to have a good workout, visit some websites, and enjoy the outdoors? Do you think that those days when you could ride a bicycle are over? Perhaps you’ve got stability issues that cause riding a bike with two wheels an option you’d rather not do. Have you considered an adult tricycle? One that offers the durability of three wheels and is big enough to fit an adult. It is the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle for Adults is an excellent alternative to the standard two-wheeled bicycle.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

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  • Rider Height: 5′ – 5’5″
  • Single-speed drive train
  • Rear coaster brake with alloy linear-pull front brake and double-wall alloy rims
  • Redesigned solid bottom, steel mesh sides basket
  • Extra-large elastomer saddle w/ oversized Schwinn cruiser grips for ultimate comfort touchpoints
  • Full-coverage fenders for style and all-weather productions


Schwinn is a company that has been operating since the year 1895. The main drawback of this bike is its difficulties in assembling. However, the bike does come with videos that show the steps required to put it together. If you’re not the type of person or are not adept at assembling items, I recommend, if possible, that you pay the extra cost to let the bike shop build it for you and avoiding the pain of doing it yourself.

The benefits of the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle overshadow the drawbacks. With the ability to adjust the bar and seat, the bike can tailor the bike to your body. The handlebars provide an upright, comfortable riding posture that puts less stress over your shoulders than the other bicycles. In addition, the slim step-through makes it quite easy to take it onto and off.

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Take note that riding a tricycle with three wheels is not like riding a bicycle with two wheels. So, before you ride your bike, please look at a video on how to use a tricycle, as described in my article. It’s also a great review to read if you’re not yet convinced to purchase a Schwinn Meridian Tricycle.

So, let’s jump over the Schwinn Meridian tricycle review so that you can decide easily if the bike is perfect for you or not!


Schwinn Meridian Schwinn Meridian offers a 1.7-inch aluminum frame, which makes the tricycle lightweight and comfortable. The tricycle weighs 70 pounds of weight because the frame is made of aluminum. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to achieve the speed you want with less effort. Furthermore, the trike comes with a frame made of tough and durable aluminum, which means you will get more durability from your trike. The trike has an elegant and sleek design. The frame’s step-through design allows users to hop on and off with ease.

Additionally, the company provides a five-year guarantee. This means that you don’t have to worry about it the warranty at all. Finally, the bike can support more than 300lbs. So it’s an excellent option for adults.


Its Schwinn Meridian trike is equipped with an ergonomically created seat. The seat is big and wide enough to offer comfortable riding. The seat is cushioned and has dual spring suspension. The two springs can absorb shocks and give you a smooth ride on rough roads. This is especially useful when riding for long durations. The trike seat has a slight elevation toward the front to improve the security of your feet when riding in the pedals. Furthermore, the seat is adjustable and can be adjusted to the seat’s height to your comfort level with no tools.


The tricycle is designed for ease of pedaling and stability. However, the wrong size of a tricycle hinders the experience of riding overall, which could cause serious injuries. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate tricycle. The Schwinn Meridian is an ideal size of 26-inches wheels that all can use. Additionally, the company offers a size of 24 inches for those with smaller and smaller feet.

This is mostly a Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike review; however, there is no significant difference. This model measures 26 inches and is appropriate for the majority of people. Both models are similar except for the size of the wheels. You can pick the one that fits you best and have fun with your time.


The adjustable handlebars with a swivel back of the trike help the rider maintain the bike straight and upright. It assists the rider in keeping a balanced ride. In addition, the handlebars of the tricycle are adjustable between 37 and 40 inches to ensure that a wider number of riders can ride the tricycle easily. The handlebars have the feature of quick-release. This feature allows you to adjust the handlebars easily in less than a minute. However, the swept-back design helps keep the rider’s back straight and assists in avoiding back discomfort. In addition, it gives you a more comfortable posture by utilizing the correct designs of handlebars.


The wheels of the trike are had stainless steel spokes as well as light rims. Steel spokes and rims that are lightweight give you a long life. They also aid in gaining speed quickly. In addition, the wheels have two inches of wide tires. Wide tires help make your riding more enjoyable and comfortable on all roads and allow you to take on tough turns without difficulty and with the least chance of getting into an accident. The bigger wheels of the trike can also help you maintain stability when you are riding at high speeds.


The tricycle has linear brakes on both the rear and front hand brakes. This system of breaking provides secure stopping whenever you require it. The linear breaks are operated with a gripping motion. The thick brake pads provide the trike’s braking power. They have situated on the opposite part of the wheel in front and the rear wheel on the left. They are located on the side of the handlebars to allow you to stop the trike without much effort when riding.


The tricycle has fixed gears. The single-speed tricycle was made for the use of a single person. However, it doesn’t affect your speed or restricts your capabilities. The pedaling system that is standard on this tricycle also provides low maintenance. You’ll get the required speed while maintaining it at a minimum due to this single-speed gear. However, as Schwinn’s tricycle review suggests, it would be more beneficial to have variable gear. However, keep in mind that this trike is designed to be simple, and multi-function gear can increase the cost of maintenance.


To ensure safety and increase visibility in the dark to improve visibility and safety, to improve safety and visibility at night, the Schwinn Meridian trike has reflective pedals that are built-in into the front wheels, mudguards, and rear wheels. Reflectors warn others of how you’re driving when there is low lighting. This feature can help keep you from getting into collisions.


The trike is equipped with carefully placed fenders/mudguards which shield the rider from dirt and filthy water. Mudguards are also helpful to keep the trike tidy while traveling on muddy roads.


The basket is the most valuable component that comes with the trike! The Schwinn trike comes with an integrated rear basket that can fold away when it’s not being used. The measurements of the rear basket measure 18.5 inches across, 22.5″ in width, and 11.5 inches in height. The basket can hold up to 50 pounds effortlessly. It is an excellent option for shopping at the grocery store or for carrying your dog.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Specification

Enjoy a smooth and confident ride. Enjoy your ride with style and confidence Meridian tricycle made by Schwinn. This adult-sized tricycle is the perfect choice for those who love the outdoors.

The Meridian’s elegant three-wheeled design offers greater stability than a bike, and the step-through aluminum frame gives the lowest standover height, making it easy to take off and on. The speed drivetrain and forward linear-pull brake, and rear expander brake are easy to operate. In addition, its upright riding posture and the extra-large elastomer saddle make it a pleasure to ride.

Also, don’t forget the rear-folding basket is spacious and has plenty of space for items, including backpacks or bags of food, and much more. (Note that the basket isn’t suitable for pets, children, or any other passengers.) Explore the joy of cycling like you’ve never experienced before on this Meridian tricycle. Feel the joy of riding the Schwinn.

  • Item dimension: 76x31x40 inches
  • Item weight: 70 pounds
  • Build material: Aluminum
  • Speed: 1- speed
  • Suggested for: Unisex-adult
  • Wheels size: 24″/ 26″
  • Tires: 2”
  • Brakes: Hand-brake (front & rear)
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Rider capacity: 1
  • Storage option: Fold-down rear basket
  • Handlebar length: 37-40″ (adjustable)
  • Seat type: Padded
  • Seat suspension: Yes, dual spring suspension
  • Mudguards/ Fenders: Yes (front & rear)
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
  • The product comes at an affordable price.
  • Springer saddle with low posture to make it easy to mount.
  • Mudguards that wrap around the entire body to guard against dirty water and mud.
  • It provides a remarkably balanced and stable.
  • Reflectors with built-in reflectors to improve visibility at night.
  • The capacity of holding weights of up to 300 pounds
  • A large, padded seat and upright handlebars give you a more enjoyable riding experience
  • Only one speed
  • Tools necessary for assembly not included
  • Installation is a little bit difficult
  • The fenders often rub on the tires

Why we love Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle?

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is easy-to-drive, features a significantly lower center of gravity that helps avoid tip-overs. We love Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle due to an incredibly linear pulling system, a comfortable seat, and a large rear basket. Whenever you’re planning to enjoy a fun ride or do a few errands, it’s the bike for you. So, you should buy Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle!

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