Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter

  • Age Range: ‎5 Years and Up
  • Weight Limit: 176 LBS
  • Item Size (LxWxH): 39.37 x 21.65 x 43.31 inches
  • Wheel Size: 100mm LED Lighted Wheels
  • Bearing Type: ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Weight: 3 Kilograms
  • Handlebar Type: Adjustable (24″-33″)
  • Color: Red/Blue
  • Brake Style: Rear Foot Brake


Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter

Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter is specially designed for novice or casual riders who want to start their journey into scooter riding. Mongoose Trace 100 Scooter is also made with ease, resulting in the most efficient controls and comfortable parts.

The scooter you pick should be a good fit for your riding style. Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter has been specifically designed to provide maximum comfort during long rides. Adults and teenagers will surely be amazed by the ease of riding with Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter.

Have a blast while honing your mad scooter skills with Mongoose’s Trace Folding Scooter series. Trace scooters feature Full-coverage MaxGrip on the lightweight alloy deck and steel brake to ensure a stable ride while soft foam grips.

  • Easy folding kick scooter for compact storage and transport.
  • Full coverage Max Grip on the deck and brake for non-slip contact.
  • Soft foam grips for comfortable handling.
  • Quick-release adjustable height with three lock-in points to fit a wide range of riders.
  • 100 mm LED lighted wheels with ABEC – 7 bearings. A heavy-duty frame supports up to 176 lb.

Prepare for the skatepark by grabbing the Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter. The Expo scooter comes with various outstanding features, including a strong deck made of alloy steel with a larger space for standing to give you the best performance.

Offer comfortable handling. Get performance, convenience, and fun with the Trace Freestyle Kick Scooter series. There’s nothing you can’t do on a Mongoose.

Why We Love It?

Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter is considered one of the top sellers on Amazon for outdoors and sports. Mongoose Trace 100 Scooter has received a lot of praise from both buyers and present recipients alike.

The brakes and the handle were also highly praised in reviews. Most reviewers thought that the brakes on the handle would be more practical than the rear brakes. Anyone a beginner will soon get used to riding the scooter due to how easy it is to use.

Why you love to buy Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter?

Mongoose provides rides for all to take pleasure in. Whatever you prefer to ride, there’s a Mongoose scooter designed for it. Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter is at the top of the line for all-day use and coastal riding. It was created to welcome newbies, mainly simplicity and ease of use.

You can use Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter all day long and never feel its components weighing your body. As far as the users describe it, it’s considered among those with the most incredible comfort to use for riding around town and coasting. Get outdoors and enjoy the scenery as you cruise along with your buddies and experience the features of Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter.

Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter features durable Pneumatic 100+ mm wheels for a stable ride. Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter’s strong steel frame makes it easy to move and store.

Mongoose Trace 100+ Scooter is affordable and easy to drive. Mongoose Trace Scooter features a frame with ‎alloy steel. We love to buy this Mongoose Scooter due to durable and strong frame, high quality bearing, high quality tyres, high quality brakes, smooth rides, cool look, good replacement of money. Thank you Mongoose!

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