Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill | Schwinn Treadmill

  • Running surface: 55L x 20W inches (139.7L x 50.8W cm)
  • Motor: 2.6 CHP, 0-10 MPH
  • Assembled weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)
  • Supported weight: 275 lbs (124 kg)
  • Incline: Automatic, 0-10°
  • Deck cushioning: SoftTrak
  • Console: 16 programs, Bluetooth
  • Assembled dimensions: 69.1L x 35.6W x 56.7H inches (175.5L x 90.3W x 144H cm)
  • Amenities: Sound system, cooling fan, USB port, 2x bottle holder, the device holder
  • Warranty: Frame 10 years / Motor 10 years / Parts 1 year / Electronics 1 year / Labor 1 year


Schwinn Fitness 810 Treadmill | Schwinn Treadmill

Schwinn 810 is among the treadmills released from Schwinn Fitness in 2019. It has the identical running surface as the earlier model, the Schwinn 830 model; it has smaller workout programs, more minor speed settings, and a smaller weight capacity. On the contrary, it comes with internet connectivity and can be used with numerous fitness applications.

Deck and frame construction

Schwinn 810 is a treadmill designed for use at home; however, it comes with a strong steel frame with a sturdy deck rated to a maximum weight of 275 pounds (125 kilograms). All steel parts used that make up the frame are coated with a durable and chip-resistant paint finish. The machine incorporates a variety of durable plastic components. For instance, those side rails, the motor cover, and the console’s dashboard are plastic.

Although it’s smaller than the model available in the market, it’s pretty massive. When all components are assembled, the machine is approximate—69.1 inches (175.5 cm) long and 35.6 inches (90.3 centimeters) wide. In addition, you’ll have to leave at two feet of clearance between the decks with at least 3 feet of space towards the back of the deck to allow for easy access and safety.

It is also heavy. Its net weight is 155lbs (70 kg), and the transportation of the unit that is boxed needs two persons. But once the treadmill is set up, it can be moved by one person, as the front frame of the treadmill has wheels.

As with others Schwinn treadmills, this model has a foldable frame. Its mechanism for folding is a hydraulic cylinder that allows the deck to fold slowly, thereby preventing injury to the treadmill or the flooring.

We’ve previously mentioned that this Schwinn 810 treadmill is an operating platform similar to it is the Schwinn 830. It’s 55” (~140 cm) long and 20 inches (~51 centimeters) wide. The machine can accommodate people with heights who are 6’2” to 6’3 (187 – 190 cm) (187 to 190cm) and will allow an entire variety of movement.

The deck of the machine comes with its SoftTrak cushioning technology. It consists of two massive cushions that can be seen on each edge of the deck. But, the deck includes a variety of smaller pillows concealed behind the rail covers on the sides. Additionally, the deck has some flexibility, which means that walking or running is significantly reduced compared to walking on asphalt or concrete.

Step-up height and inclines

The Schwinn 810 treadmill is fitted with an incline motor control system. This means that an incline may only adjust by the console once the treadmill connects to a source of power. Additionally, the machine can control the angle; it can automatically adjust the incline of the deck according to the exercise program you choose to use.

The machine’s incline mechanism comprises an electric motor (different from the one that drives the belt) and a minor lift located beneath the front portion on the deck. When it is adjusted via the console’s controls or automatically adjusts the slope, the ride will gradually raise the deck’s front.

The treadmill comes with an incline range of 10% and 0 percent. The console has controls for gradual incline adjustments. However, rapid selection incline controls can be used for zero, 2% and 4%, 6%, and 10%.

The height of the step-up deck when the incline is set at 0% is. 9” (22.8 cm). In contrast, if the incline is adjusted to its maximum (10 percent), the front of the deck rises approximately. Sixteen inches (40.6 centimeters) over the ground. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Schwinn treadmill within a space with a ceiling minimum of twenty feet (51 millimeters) more than taller people.

Motor drive

This Schwinn 810 treadmill is fitted with a 2.6 CHP motor designed to endure prolonged workouts without overheating or losing efficiency, even at high speeds. The treadmill also has a small flywheel for stability and motion.

The drive motor of the unit provides a speed range of 10 to 0 MPH. The speed-adjustment increases are 0.1 MPH, which means it is easy to adjust the speed of your run. Of course, because the treadmill is motorized, the console can automatically alter your belt’s speed based on the exercise program selected.

Similar to the slope, the console has control for gradual speed adjustments and speed adjustments in a short time. The speed adjuster buttons that gradually increase speed are dual-purpose. They can be pressed quickly, increased by 0.1 MPH, and progressively pushed and held. The speed controls are pre-set and allow users to choose soon between the speed you want to go at 2 MPH, 4 MPH 6-MPH-8 MPH, or 10 MPH.

Since the machine is powered by motors and requires an external power source, it is equipped with a US standard 3-prong connector and six feet of cable. Although it’s a good motor, it’s not robust and won’t add significantly to the monthly electric cost. It’s also relatively quiet, but like other treadmills, depending on the speed you run at, or running technique, the cadence of your running may produce more or less sound.


The Schwinn treadmill has an impressively complete console ideal for use as a home machine. For starters, it comes with a big LCD that has LED backlights, which are split into various sections to display as many of the workout metrics as feasible. It monitors distance, time speeds, speed, average speed, calories, and pace and pulse. It also displays the grid for each program, with sections for speed and an incline.

Distance and speed can be set to English (MPH miles, MPH) units or the metric (km kilometers, kmh) units. The console can be telemetric, which means it can track your pulse using an HR chest strap wireless transmitter operating within the 4.5 kHz to 5.5 kHz interval. Wireless pulse tracker doesn’t make use of Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, the HR chest strap is not available, but even with this strap, the console will still keep track of your pulse if you keep your fingers on the sensors built in the grips on the front.

The console is equipped with 16 built-in applications. They are split into six categories, each with its quick-selection key within the console. These are Manual, Goals, Weight Loss, Intervals, Heart Rate, and Custom.

The Manual program category is only for the manual mode. The program lets you modify the speed and incline independently during your go. The Goals category contains six programs. You can create a goal for your workout in terms of duration or distance, calories one mile, five miles as well as 10 miles. The Weight Loss category includes three programs. They are Fat Burn, Speed Burn as well as Incline burn. They’re designed to aid in losing weight.

The Intervals category includes three programs. These are Interval-Incline, Interval-Speed, Interval-Speed/Incline. Each program comes with a pre-set interval-based layout that can be altered. These Heart Rate applications have two in number, with an established BPM value of 75% and 65%. There is also the Custom Program which gives you the option of creating your exercise program that includes your desired pace.

The console is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can upload your workout information to various fitness apps on the internet. It is also possible to connect it to RunSocial so that you can run on a virtual track that you can view on your smartphone, tablet, or even your smart TV.

Three other noteworthy console features that we’d like to highlight are the workout fan, the sound system, and the USB port. The workout fan is situated in the lower part of the console’s dashboard. While it’s not overly big, it does provide adequate cooling for an intense workout. The sound system is composed of two speakers located in the upper part of the console. It is possible to connect your tablet or smartphone by cable to the console and listen to your music via the built-in speakers. The Bluetooth connectivity is not suitable for this, however. Also, it is essential to note that the USB port is only used for charging the device, not transfers of workout data.

Assembly and Maintenance

Naturally, the running platform of the treadmill is pre-assembled, including the inclines lift and motors and the other components of the drive system already attached to the frame base. It is only necessary to connect to the upright bar and the console. This shouldn’t take longer than one hour. The required assembly directions are included in the guide and clear pictures. The essential tools kit is included.

For maintenance, the belt of the machine requires regular lubrication. Even though it is pre-lubricated, it is recommended to re-lubricate the belt every three months or every 25 hours of usage (whichever occurs first). In addition, the belt must be kept clean to avoid any debris from getting in the rollers or motor. In addition, you should frequently check the machine for broken bolts, loose bolts parts, and so on. and ensure that it is operating correctly.

This Schwinn 810 treadmill is a robust treadmill designed for use at home. It has a 2.6 CHP motor, an automatic incline control system, an LCD with 16 different programs, Bluetooth, and a variety of other options. It’s an excellent treadmill for both intense and light exercise and stamina building, interval training, as well as muscle toning and weight loss. It’s not one of the most affordable treadmills for home use. However, it’s an excellent value for the money.

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