Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

  • For all sizes and shapes, the stride length should be between 20-22″.
  • Sixteen resistance levels are available through the Eddy Current Brake system (ECB), which adjusts at the push of a button on the handlebars. 
  • Multiple grip positions are available on handlebars.
  • Flywheel made of heavy aluminum
  • The machine is very quiet thanks to the Whisper Drive (and frictionless resistance).
  • You can adjust the incline up to 30 degrees by using the automatic controls on your handlebars.
  • The heart rate monitor is located on the handlebar grips. It also includes a chest strap that allows for hands-free application.
  • Engineer-designed foot pedals that can be adjusted to fit natural form and reduce strain on the knees and ankles by physical therapists and engineers.
  • Built-in cooling fan to keep you cool during your workout.
  • A water bottle holder is necessary to keep the user hydrated during exercise.
  • Six rubber floor supports for stability (the machine will not move when it is used).
  • Maximum user weight: 375 lbs


Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

The very well-designed Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine was designed to make your elliptical training as simple and enjoyable as possible. Easy controls and high adjustability make it easy to use the machine. This allows you to concentrate on your workouts and getting toned. In addition, the Sole E35 has a chest strap and a handheld heart rate monitor.

The button on the handlebars allows you to adjust resistance and inline levels. Additionally, the stride length can be adjusted with a push of a button. The elliptical machine has adjustable footrests and a stride length of 20′-22″. It can also adjust the incline to 30deg. This is just the beginning. This machine is club-grade and has all the right features. We’ll be breaking down the SOLE E35 in this elliptical review.

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  • Height: 58 inches
  • Width 32 inches
  • Length: 83 in
  • Weight: 215 lbs

Computer Features

  • Backlit, tiltable LCD with a 7.5-inch resolution.
  • 10 programs, including 6 pre-programmed exercises, 2 user-defined programs, and 2 heart rate programs.
  • 2 profiles of users
  • There are built-in speakers and a plug-in to an iPod(r), MP3, or another player.
  • Data for workouts include:
    • Speed
    • Inline
    • Time
    • Distance traveled
    • Calories
    • Pulse
    • Pace


  • The frame comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Five (5) year warranty for electrical and part parts
  • Two (2) year labor warranty
  • Warrantech offers an optional 5-year fitness plan warranty that includes in-home service

Only E35 Assembly

The SOLE Elliptical E35 is securely packaged and boxed. The machine is 215 lbs in weight, so that the shipping box will be at least the same. If possible, the delivery person should take the machine directly to the area you intend to install. Otherwise, it will likely be necessary to hire help later. The assembly of the E35 will take several hours, so be patient. Although it is easy to assemble, many users find it quite simple. However, this sturdy piece of machinery has many components and is high-tech. Although it comes with all the necessary tools for assembly, you might want to make your own.

Information about a company/manufacturer:

SOLE Fitness has been providing high-quality exercise equipment in North America for over a decade. In the US and Canada, they have been the fastest-growing brand for the past five years. They are primarily targeting hotels across the country but slowly have expanded into residential sales. SOLE Fitness equipment is well-known for its durability and reliability under intense use. You can choose from a variety of upright and recumbent bikes, as well as treadmills and ellipticals.

The Sole E35 Elliptical is a favorite of ours

The SOLE E35 Elliptical is popular. It was even named Best Buy by a leading consumer website. Sole Fitness is a well-known brand for supplying high-quality commercial-grade equipment to the hotel sector. Now they are bringing that equipment to your home. The E35 SOLE Elliptical is a solidly built machine that provides a club-quality workout.

Commercial-grade Durability

The SOLE E35 Elliptical machine is durable. Sole Fitness is a hotel company whose main business is non-stop exercise equipment that is not well maintained. Therefore, it must be durable and well built. They have also extended the same quality to their home gym equipment. E35 SOLE Elliptical can be used as hard as you like, but it won’t move. It can support a maximum weight of 375 lbs. That’s quite impressive. Solid warranties make Sole Fitness stand out even more.

Options for Big Incline

The SOLE Elliptical E35 has a powered incline. This is a great feature because you don’t need to stop exercising if you want to increase resistance or target different muscle groups. You don’t have to reach for your fingers when controlling the incline. They are conveniently located on the handlebars. The best part is that the incline can reach 30 degrees. Adjustable stride

The stride length on the E35 SOLE Elliptical can easily be adjusted to 20-22 inches so that anyone can exercise comfortably and enjoy the full benefits of an elliptical motion. Furthermore, to reduce stress on the ankles and knees, the footrests can be adjusted to a slight inward slope at 2deg. This feature is very useful for those who use the elliptical machine to aid rehabilitation. In addition, the elliptical machine allows users to pedal backward, which can help further strengthen muscles.

Variable Resistance Levels

The E35 SOLE Elliptical has 16 settings and provides an automated Eddy Current Brake(ECB) resistance from the controls mounted on the handlebars.

Additional Considerations

The SOLE Fitness E35 Elliptical includes 10 workout programs. While some elliptical trainers offer more, the SOLE Fitness E35 Elliptical comes with 10 workouts.

It is simple to assemble, and Sole Fitness does not recommend that you have it delivered. As we said, it can take some time to put together. However, once you have it assembled, it’s done! Now you can get started.

The final word on the SOLE Elliptical E35

The SOLE E35 Elliptical This is a fantastic deal for the price. It will be a joy to have one in your home. It has top-notch features, and it feels just like an elliptical you used in a gym or club. It is quiet, stable, smooth, and easy on the joints. Highly recommended.

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