Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Machine

  • 20” stride supports a natural gait
  • 20-pound flywheel
  • Power adjustable incline
  • Can save user-designed workouts
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Bluetooth audio speakers
  • USB charging port
  • Wireless heart rate transmitter included
  • 5 year warranty on parts and electronics
  • 2 year in-home labor coverage


Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Machine

The Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Machine by Sole combines the high-end components of their higher-end models and the smaller footprint of their budget-friendly model. This results in a durable machine and takes up less space than other ellipticals of its class.

The E55 features include a 20-inch stride length, a 20-lb flywheel, and 20 levels of power-adjustable incline. It also has Bluetooth speakers, ergonomic foot pedals, and a heart rate monitor on the chest strap. The Sole E55 is an excellent choice if you are looking for an elliptical with high-end features that can fit into tight spaces. Is it the best?

Continue reading to find out how.

This review will cover everything the elliptical has to offer and areas that it is lacking. However, it would be best if you now had an idea of whether this elliptical is right for you. Sole is a favorite brand for home fitness. Their products are simple to use and well-built.

Sole is a specialist in treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals. Although the company was founded initially to design treadmills for hotels, their popularity soared, and they now offer home fitness products.

Their current lineup includes five models, starting at the affordable E25 and ending with their most expensive E95S model that comes with a power-adjustable stride length.

Both in terms of features and price, the E55 is in the middle. The E25 is very similar, but it has a more robust frame and a better warranty. This guide provides a comparison of all Sole Ellipticals.

Stride Length

It is understandable to assume that the E55, a compact elliptical, has a shorter stride length. This is the case for most smaller ellipticals. However, this is not how Sole roles work.

The Sole could fit a stride length of 20 feet on the machine, which matches ellipticals with a stride length of nearly a foot.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, let me go back a second. Stride length refers to the distance the pedals travel forward and backward during use.

It is measured in inches. This is an important spec to look at because it can make a big difference in how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel when using the elliptical.

The 20-inch stride length is the gold standard for home ellipticals. This is because machines that have this stride length can comfortably handle most people.

Your height and leg length will determine your stride length. Personal preference may also play a role. My guide provides more information on stride lengths.

The E55’s stride length is 20 inches, which is impressive for an elliptical with such a small footprint.

When I talk about the footprint, I keep referring to how compact this elliptical can be. Perhaps I should be more precise. The E55 occupies 27″ x 71/’ (WxL) of floor space.

The Sole is nearly one foot shorter than the standard size. It measures 31″ x 82″, (W x H).

Although the E55 may be compact, it doesn’t sacrifice any frame functionality. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite. This elliptical uses the same high-grade, heavy-duty steel as all Sole machines.

This elliptical is so heavy-duty that it weighs 214 lb when fully assembled. However, it can also safely hold users up to 375lb.

Overall, the E55 is an excellent choice with its 20-inch stride length and compact footprint. However, it still retains the rugged frame Sole is known for.


When comparing ellipticals, another essential aspect to consider is the flywheel weight. It is attached to your pedals and turns as you exercise. The flywheel, together with the magnetic system, is responsible for creating resistance that you use.

Many home ellipticals use perimeter-weighted flywheels (though not all), just like the spin bike.

Like spin bikes, heavier flywheels are better.

This is because extra weight creates more momentum when it spins, creating smoother feeling. In addition, the speed helps to keep the pedals moving between strokes, which reduces any awkwardness or lag.

The E55 has a 20 lb flywheel. This is a respectable feature, but it’s a bit light for an elliptical at this price.

Flywheel weights are 20 lb. This is the minimum weight that is sufficient to provide a smooth ride. Although this rule isn’t set in stone, if your flywheel weighs more than 20 lb, it has a higher chance of running smoothly.

This elliptical meets all the criteria, but only barely.

A 25 lb or even 30lb flywheel for an elliptical at this price would be great. However, many more affordable ellipticals pack more muscle.

To make the model more mobile and easier to move, I think Sole made the flywheel lighter. It works well with the more petite frame.

However, the E55 comes with 20 levels of magnetic resistance and 20 incline levels. This gives you great control over how intense your workouts are.

Inclines can make it more challenging to train, but they also allow you to target different muscle groups. This gives you more variety in your workouts, which is always a positive thing.

The E55’s flywheel performance is satisfactory overall. It’s 20 lb, so it is probably sufficient to do the job. However, it would be nice to have it a bit heavier. The elliptical is very well-respected with its 20 levels resistance and 20 levels power adjustable incline.

Features: Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Machine

These features are available on the Sole E55:

10 workout programs – Sole doesn’t stuff their consoles full of useless workout programs that you won’t use. Instead, they give you the basics, which is enough to get the job done. You have 6 options for cardio and fat burn, 2 heart rate-based options, as well as 2 custom user workouts that you can create and save.

Custom-designed pedals: Sole partners with a physical therapist can help design pedals for their ellipticals. This resulted in a large (15″) pedal with 2deg inward slope. It is intended to decrease any discomfort in your feet or ankles. For added comfort, you can adjust the resting position for each pedal.

Multi-grip handlebars: The large handlebars offer multiple grip options. This allows you to target different upper-body muscles depending on how your grip works. This will enable you to find the most comfortable position for your exercise. In addition, the moving handlebars allow you to adjust the resistance or incline.

Bluetooth speakers – sync with the speakers wirelessly to enjoy your music while you work out.

USB charging port: You don’t need to worry about your phone going dead during your workout. Hook it up to this USB port to charge it.

Data tracking via apps – If you are interested in fitness tracking, the free Sole app can be downloaded and used to keep track of your workout information. You can also use the E55 with many other popular fitness apps like Fitbit, Apple Health Record, Mapmyrun, and Record.

Heart rate monitor with a chest strap – This elliptical can be used with wireless heart rate monitors. It even includes a chest strap so you can take accurate readings while working out.

Integrated tablet holder – The tablet holder is conveniently placed above the console so that you don’t have to worry if it blocks your view of the LCD screen while reading a magazine or watching Netflix.

Cooling fan: The console includes a fan to keep you cool during your workouts.


Although I love Sole, their fitness machines are great. However, their assembly manuals could be improved. This is true for all their elliptical manuals, as the process is the same for each one.

They compress the entire process into four steps. So each stage is 8 steps long.

There is too much going on in each picture (especially when you attach all the plastic parts).

It is also a problem that both the written instructions and images are split up on different pages. It would be easier to have the instructions and the photos on the same page. In addition, it would be easier to refer to the image while you are reading the directions.

It would be easier to assemble the parts if the manual was more organized. Although the actual process is not complicated, the manual can make it difficult.

You can find assembly videos on YouTube, I believe.

All the necessary tools are included.

Most people should be able to do the job themselves. Therefore, I would expect to spend at least an hour getting the job done.


The warranty on the Sole E55 is:

  • Lifetime limit
  • Parts for 5 Years
  • Electronics for 5 Years
  • 2 years of labor

This warranty covers you from head to foot. Lifetime on the frame is unbeatable, and five years for all parts is just as generous. In addition, this warranty lasts two years longer than what most brands offer.

Sole also offers the same fantastic guarantee on all ellipticals except for the most affordable E25, which comes with a 3-year parts warranty and a 1-month labor warranty.

Last Thoughts

The E55 is a great elliptical. Given the Sole name, I would expect nothing less. It’s a small elliptical with a long stride and a strong frame.

The flywheel weighs in at 20 lb. However, advanced users might prefer a heavier flywheel.

Other features and the warranty are impressive and fairly standard for Sole Ellipticals.

Overall, the Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Machine is a great machine. However, I am not sure how it fits into the rest of the lineup.

I discovered that the E25 is slightly smaller than the E55 (24”x70″) as I was comparing the specifications. Both models also have the same flywheels and the same number of incline levels, which I noticed.

The E55 and E25 have very little in common. However, the E55 has a higher weight limit at 375 lb (compared with 350 lb) and a better warranty.

The question is: Is the E55 worth $500 more for an additional 25 lb weight capacity and a two-year warranty on parts?

I would say no.

The E25 is the better choice if you are looking for a compact, lightweight elliptical. However, for a larger flywheel (25 lb), the E35 is a better choice if you don’t need a compact elliptical.

E55 is a good choice, but I’m not sure why you would choose it over the other models.

Let’s wrap it up. The Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Machine is a compact elliptical that does a good job, but the Sole line has better options.

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